15 Gift Ideas

 Gift guide 2014-01

It’s that time of year. The merry, magical, wondrous time that translates to polar vortex, kleenex shortage and gift expenses. It also means seasonal flavors at Starbucks, which every basic can rejoice over. Unfortunately, my friend circle is not composed solely of people whom I can give a Starbucks gift card to rock their year. So, here are 15 awesome items I’ve found for the more complex giftees, or gifts you can splurge on for a treat-yo-self present.

1. A Miniature Film Projector for Your Instagrams

First of all, this gift is mini which already makes it adorbs. I’m pinching this projector’s figurative cheeks right now. Second, it’s a unique way to keep and view your treasured Instagrams with a nostalgic flair. Plus, this projector is something both complex and basic friends would appreciate.

2. Constellation mug

This is an awesome hot, cold ceramic mug. It’s unique and appeals to people who appreciate Greek mythology or even people who just enjoy the stars, like myself. The only downside is that it’s not dishwasher safe, but worth it for the cool effect.

3. Why You’re so Awesome

Not only is this book fun to get, it’s fun to give! You get to have a jolly good time filling out the blanks and your book receiver gets a completely personalized account attesting to their awesomeness. Just make sure to use your most legible handwriting while completing phrases like, “I wish I were as awesome as you at___” and “If you were an animal you’d be___” and “People seem to be impressed by your awesome___”

4. Shower curtain statement piece

I challenge you to scroll through Society6’s shower curtains and not find one you like. I’m 99% sure it’s impossible. From pop culture references to incredible graphic design, these shower curtains will make you feel like you need a new, more awesome one. Personally, the curtain pictured above speaks to me. I am in love with the design, and let’s be real, black, white and aqua are classy colors for a bathroom.

5. Lux shower head

While an awesome shower curtain is the perfect statement piece, behind the curtain is where the magic happens. Why not feel like a rainforest princess while showering? This shower head in particular even has adjustable colors of light. I know I’d appreciate receiving this bathroom luxury for Christmas!

6. Parrot Flower Power

For all those murderers of plants lacking a green thumb, this smartphone accessory is your new savior. The smart twig alerts you of your greenery’s needs from more fertilizer to a warmer location. It kind of reminds me of the fake baby assignment in Home Ec, but with an actual living object.

7. 642 Things to Draw

Creative challenges and prompts are always winning gifts. If your gift receiver is an amazing artist, this will become an inspiring sketch book to flip through. If they’re a crappy artist, it will become a humorous coffee table book. Side note: if your giftee doesn’t doodle, there are also “104 Things to Photograph” and “642 Things to Write About.”

8. French Macaron kit

The ultimate baking triumph in life is perfecting the French macaron. I’ve tried and produced only sad, sugary chips. This kit makes the macaron feat a bit more attainable. But here’s the real bonus: if you buy this for someone, they’re kind of obliged to let you taste their glorious desert delicacies. Win-win!

9. Stylish apron

While tinkering in the kitchen, why not do it in style? Plus, this will assure the longevity of stylish clothes beneath the apron. I will say, for the sake of functionality I’m not a fan of white aprons, but this one is so freakin’ cute that I can forgo that rule.

10. Magnetic hourglass

While I can’t speak to the accuracy of timekeeping this hourglass (or roughly a minute-glass), I can attest to its out-of-the-ordinary appeal. Hourglasses are already timeless relics—see what I did there?—and adding a modern flair just makes this magnetic hourglass even more of a keeper. Plus, this is a little more impressive than your average coffee table photo book.

11. Woodland playing cards

Whether it’s Rummy, Poker or Slap Jack, these aesthetically pleasing playing cards will be more fun than your average deck. Plus, you can seize the opportunity to sneak good design into a friend’s life. Everyone should own a deck of cards, so let it be one that impresses guests as they deal out hands.

12. Earthy jewelry

There’s something appealing about the look of natural gems. It’s cool to know that what you’re wearing is raw uniqueness straight from Mother Nature herself. I mean, there are some man-made elements at play here but geode necklaces and druzy rings are pretty close to their earthy roots.

13. Yuletide sweater 

Ugly or cute, a Yuletide sweater is simply a Christmas staple. There are awesome sweaters with pop culture references to classics like “Elf” and “Rudolph” or you can just go straight gaudy with your Christmas getup. Plus, your loved one will be able to take awesome #sweatersunday selfies.

14. Hand-warming flashlight, phone charger

The incredibly useful aluminum cylinder can warm your frosty fingers, keep you from receiving the panic-inducing 20% battery message and light your way. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love this pocket-sized miracle.

15. Unique stationary

Letter writing is becoming a lost art, but there’s something special about receiving a note in your mailbox that texting can’t duplicate. Knowing someone took time to hand-write a message, plan out a few days ahead of time to send it and spend a couple cents on postage all for you, that’s real. So, for all your old-soul friends, why not provide the tools for sending letters? Helpful tip: buy a book of stamps to gift with the stationary.

Hopefully this list inspired your inner gifter genius, or at least made present-shopping slightly simpler. Let me know what items you’ll be gifting this year!


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